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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Eb has worked in journalism, entertainment, and advertising, bringing a deep sense of story in all forms to her work. She has developed campaigns and content for Amazon, The Nature Conservancy, TED, American Express, The Getty Museum, Taschen and Coca-Cola, among others. Prior to founding Kiln, Eb served as the Creative Executive for Morgan Freeman’s production company, Revelations Entertainment, where she developed and sold television, features, and docuseries to networks and studios such as Showtime, CBS, Netflix, and HBO, as well as working on the hit CBS series MADAM SECRETARY. She has also worked with notable film and television directors, such as Mark Pellington, Antoine Fuqua, and Michael Apted to develop and produce everything from television pilots, feature films, commercials, art installations and rock operas. In her previous life, Eb lived in Washington, DC, working in political and legal news. She covered President Barack Obama’s inauguration as a Special Correspondent for Los Angeles public radio station KCRW, as well as with correspondents covering the Supreme Court and national legal issues at CBS. In 2010, she was a recipient of the Larry King Award as well as the Steve & Cokie Roberts Award.



Brittany grew up in the American South and Appalachia, and works primarily in Detroit. From the coal mines of Kentucky to the delivery routes of Amazon drivers, Brittany brings an intimacy and openness to her work, which has earned her awards, grants, and accolades from Getty, ART WORKS, The Hearst Foundation, and The National Press Photographers Association. She is regularly commissioned by The New York Times, Rolling Stone Magazine, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic. She currently serves as president of the Michigan Press Photographers Association.



Joey is a Spanish-American director and editor. A fast-emerging talent, Joey has developed a signature visual style that both pushes narrative boundaries and draws from an analogue past. Raised in Los Angeles, Joey’s intuitive artistic sensibilities reflect his native southern California community, one advertising has tried so long to emulate: the surfers, the skateboarders, the garage bands and street fashion designers that influence our culture at its root level. He has lent this sensibility to clients like Amazon, BMW, Rosewood Hotels, Quiksilver, and Hoka, as well as a host of upcoming artists, fashion designers, musicians, brands and organizations.



Our principal colorist, Thomas has worked extensively with some of the biggest names in pop culture, including Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar and Rhianna, as well as brands like Amazon, Nestlé, Tidal and Roc Nation. He is likely the world’s only nomadic colorist, and can roll up wherever needed for a session in a specialty-built vehicle. He’s probably currently watching a rocket launch in Florida, or maybe hiking in Maine, or possibly doing a color session in the Badlands.



Brian is an award-winning filmmaker, and an expert at turning insights and observations into compelling narratives that reach audiences and inspire action. After receiving the prestigious Eisner Prize from UC Berkeley for his experimental documentary following an ill-fated trip to the Arctic Circle, Brian went on to write and direct three independent feature films. He brings over a decade of directorial and editorial experience with clients like Volvo, The Nature Conservancy, Amazon, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and HP. He is currently working on a feature documentary about inequality in American education, told through Detroit’s generational fight to regain community control of its public schools.



Alborz is a visual artist, photographer and director who moves fluidly between animation, documentary filmmaking, photography and illustration. He was born in Iran, raised in the United States, and lives between Seattle and Los Angeles. His work has taken him from a podcast studio inside San Quentin prison, to a surf party at the border wall between Mexico and the United States. As an animator, he is a rare breed who still draws by hand, finding miraculous ways to translate what cannot be said into what can be seen. His work has been featured by the Seattle Art Museum, Pearl Press, and Mother Jones Magazine. He has worked with the United Nations, Amazon, TED, LAist, The Nature Conservancy, MasterClass, and the Getty Museum.



Jenna is a photographer with an innate sense of how to marry authentic stories with brand missions. She has photographed campaigns for Amazon, Procter & Gamble, American Girl, and Colgate-Palmolive. She works with MissionCleanWater on an ongoing basis to document the digging of water wells in Uganda. Her photojournalism work is regularly featured in The Washington Post, Associated Press, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal. Jenna is fluent in French, and can be found occasionally teaching photography at UCLA.



Mia started her career at the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends. Since then, she has directed, edited, and produced commercials and promos for clients such as Sony, Mercedes, Lionsgate, Disney, Nickelodeon, Spike, Electus, among others. She worked on President Obama's winning 2012 re-election campaign, as well as Hillary Clinton's 2016 bid. Her priorities are centered around social justice and environmental issues, which led her to work with Organizing for Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, Michael Bloomberg's Mayors Against, Avoided Deforestation Partners, as well as the series Years of Living Dangerously (Showtime), Death Row Stories (CNN), Weediquette (Vice), and New Jim Crow (Aspireist/USA.) The short film "Stop the Burning," narrated by Jane Goodall, opened COP21 accompanied by a speech from then Prince Charles. She pursued her Master’s Degree in Interaction Design from the University of Wales, publishing research papers on computational linguistics and haptic design (Cambridge University/Napier University.) Mia has directed several short films, and is currently in production on a feature-length documentary investigating the destruction of the Amazon in Brazil, and its effects on the local indigenous people.
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